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What if my client gives me direction that contradicts the MLS® Rules?

A misunderstanding that I sometimes hear is that the direction of the client supersedes the MLS® Rules. This is not accurate. The ability for REALTORS® to participate in Organized Real Estate (ORE) is a privilege, as it is for the consumer. To take advantage of the cooperation within ORE and the MLS® System comes with rules and parameters. These rules must be followed, even if the seller or buyer gives direction to the contrary.

As an example, the MLS® Rules state that sales must be reported within 5 days of the condition removal date. A seller cannot then give you direction to not report the details of the sale and avoid the rules and cooperative nature of ORE.

When you take a listing, or you are working with a buyer, it is important that part of your conversation captures the requirements of all parties to follow the rules of KAR/KADREA while participating in the system. This conversation may not need to address every rule that guides KAR/KADREA and the MLS® System but should certainly provide some insight to the fact that by working with a Realtor®, your client has the privilege of working within the MLS® System and that privilege is governed by rules.

Trevor Koot

Executive Officer

Kootenay Association of REALTORS®

and Kamloops and District Real Estate Association