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Live Tours - What you should know

Resources for buyers' REALTORS®

The Kootenay Association of REALTORS® (KAR) is pleased to introduce ‘LIVE TOURS’. Engaging this feature will allow sellers to show their home and allow buyers to view homes in real-time, without stepping foot in the listed property. By utilizing existing technology and bringing together the seller, buyer, seller’s REALTOR®, and buyer’s REALTOR®, LIVE TOURS provides a platform for real estate business to continue, while minimizing physical interaction with the property.

What a Live Tour could look like

What a Live Tour should NOT look like

Points to remember

  • Buyers and Sellers may wish to consider LIVE TOURS as an alternative to an in-person tour

  • All parties should understand the security features of the technology, including the ability to prevent the retention of a video record of the Live Tour, and activate such security features as may be required

  • LIVE TOURS are not an “Open House” but are a specific request by a Buyer’s REALTOR for their client to electronically view the property

  • LIVE TOURS may be requested by the Buyer’s REALTOR® to the Seller’s REALTOR®

  • LIVE TOURS will only be available for properties designated by the Seller’s REALTOR®

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